LED Motorcycle Turn Signals – A Rundown Of Your Options

Equipping your motorcycle with LED motorcycle turn signals can make your bike safer, more beautiful to behold, and still turn out to be a viable economical investment.

The Benefits Are Many

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage with LED motorcycle turn signals will be the tremendously long lifespan that accompanies this kinds of lights. Having lights that can last up to 100 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs also means that you will have to replace them as many times less frequently. Apart from having longer lifespans, they are more vibration proof as well.

Safety is another important aspect for motorcyclists. As a matter of fact, just this long lifespan alone will increase your safety on the roads by ensuring that your fellow motorists is being made aware of your intentions on the road. It doesn’t end there however, because LED lights are also notoriously known to turn on significantly faster than conventional types of lights, further increasing the safety on the road.

Another benefit which many people might miss is that because of the high efficiency of LED lights, they will not only put less stress on the battery of the bike increasing its lifespan, but also make it possible to install even more lights on the motorcycle before hitting the limit of the electrical system.

Regular Replacement Kits

As one can expect the market is full of pure replacement models, universal as well as custom tailored, meant to basically replace your current turn signals with LED motorcycle turn signals. With one simple change you will not only reap the many rewards of the led technology itself, but you can also improve the look and feel of your precious ride.

One thing that will become very clear after some browsing around for LED lights though is that this compact technology puts a lot of freedom in the hands of the designers. This have resulted in a huge array of innovative and interesting lights which you can equip your motorcycle with.

Flexible Arrays

One of those cool products is these flexible LED arrays which can be used to fit many different applications, including functioning as motorcycle LED turn signals. These arrays can be bend to fit virtually any mounting location on your motorcycle.

You can put them on your windshield, fenders, highway bars, floor boards, or why not wrapped around your forks. Apart from the more generic flexible arrays, there are also versions available specifically designed for a particular locations, such as on the fender or around the forks.

Sequential Turn Signals

You could also check out those sequential led lights mountable on windshields which when used as motorcycle LED turn signals adds a rolling effect from the center and outwards. This could provide a neat and quite unique style to your motorcycle. Sequential LED lights are also available for other mounting locations as well.

Fender Railz

Also having a versatile nature, LED fender railz can as well act as motorcycle LED turn signals and provide yet another way of customizing the look and feel of your motorcycle. Their flexibility makes it possible to mount them on nearly any surface.

Floor Board Kits

Another cool option is those LED floor board kits available, also being versatile enough to fill almost any role on your bike, LED motorcycle turn signals included. This could be an option to consider if you own a HD or any other motorcycle with a similar type of floor board.