LED Motorcycle Tail Lights – Your Options Are Many

Replacing your old incandescent type tail lights with new modern LED motorcycle tail lights will result in better visibility, safety, and in many cases an improved visual appeal. Your options are many.

Flashing Brake Lights

There is nothing that screams “take notice” better than a motorcycle equipped with flashing LED motorcycle tail lights. By equipping your motorcycle with flashing brake lights you will effectively make sure that the motorcycle with its narrow body and superior braking ability will draw all the attention of approaching drivers when you brake. Aside from the cool visual of flashing lights, it could potentially save you from being run over by fellow drivers.

Tour-Pak Lights

If you are already driving around with a tour-pak in the back, you could as well take advantage of it and further increase your visibility. By installing a pair of LED clusters in your tour-pak you will effectively get another pair of LED motorcycle tail lights with all the benefits that brings. These kits usually come with everything that you need for installation as well as a lifetime warranty against LED failure.

Complete Tail Light Units

These are complete LED motorcycle tail lights developed to be a direct replacement to original stock units, and usually include LED board, reflector and lens. Designed to fit a particular motorcycle model, these kits may not be available for every make and model out there.

LED Conversion Kits

Designed to fit in your existing bucket these LED motorcycle tail lights consist of a LED circuit board mounted on the inside of a custom lens. Installation is as easy as removing your stock lens. removing the bulb, plugging the connector into the socket, and finally installing the new lens.

Flexible Running/Brake /Turn LED Bars

These flexible all-in-one LED bars function as running light, brake light, and turn signals. The running light and brake light occupy the full light bar, or the center part, depending on model and make. The amber turn signals in turn are found at the outer edges of the bar. The high flexibility coupled with included double sided tape makes installation possible on many different surfaces and positions. They are available with clear or smoked tubing.

3-In-One LED License Plate Frame

All-In-One motorcycle LED tail lights can also be found in the form of license plate holders. The same concept applies here as above, whereas the running lights and brake lights occupy the center and the amber turn signals the outer regions.

LED Filler Strips

Ideal for mounting along saddlebags, under body lines or on the filler panels between your saddlebags, these motorcycle LED tail lights can be used as extra running lights or turn signals. Installation is easy with included tape and these strips can often be cut for shorter applications.

LED Fender Strips

You also have the option of adding an extra pair of running/brake lights to your bike’s rear fender. These motorcycle LED tail lights are usually installed with included automotive grade tape and add style and visibility to your bike.

LED Brake Strobe Modules

Take advantage of the fact that LEDs can turn on and off much faster than regular stock bulbs. These strobe modules have the capacity to turn your LED motorcycle tail lights on and off 10 times per second. They often feature different modes of operation with different combinations of number of flashes and solid lighting.