LED Motorcycle Headlights – Will They Live Up To Your Expectations?

Whether you are looking for a simple light bulb upgrade or a completely new style, you may be wondering if LED motorcycle headlights could satisfy all your needs. The answer to that question is surprisingly enough both yes and no.

So How Good Are They?

Even though the LED technology can boast with its high power efficiency and wonderful durability, there are some areas where the technological design creates obstacles to overcome. High performance applications like motorcycle headlights is one of those applications.

One of the biggest drawbacks with producing LED lights is that LEDs don’t project heat forward and away from the electronics like other light sources. Instead the heat is pushed backwards interfering with the sensitive electronics. Because of this a need for passive or active cooling appears as soon as you try to manufacture high power LED motorcycle headlights strong enough for the task.

You will find that LED motorcycle headlights will be strong enough to function as day time running lights, adding visibility to your motorcycle, but will lack in power to properly fulfill the role of night time illumination.

Drop-In Replacements

The easiest and most convenient option to upgrade to LED motorcycle headlights would be to look for a LED replacement bulb. Because of aforementioned reasons do however not expect your newly acquired LED motorcycle headlight bulb to be strong enough for night time driving purposes. They will do fine during day time though.

Custom Day Time Running Kits

The other alternative is to look for custom LED motorcycle headlight kits designed to fit specific models. While this option do have a higher potential to add style to your motorcycle, it might be hard to find a headlight that is compatible with your particular make and model, especially if you happen to own a sports bike.

Devil Eye / Angel Eye

In case you are looking for an awesome style for your LED motorcycle headlights, or any kind of headlight for that matter, take a look at these so called Devil Eyes and Angel Eyes available for fitting inside your headlight fixture.

The Angel Eye were first introduced and named by BMW back in 2001, but has since increased in popularity and can now be found even as custom styling kits for all kinds of vehicles. An Angel Eye is basically a circular ring with LED lights on that when lit gives the appearance of a halo. The effect produced by these when inserted into your headlights is visually pleasing and aggressive at the same time.

The Devil Eye is on the other hand a concept that originated from Audi, and has since spread to other makes and vehicles. It is basically a single strip of LED lights embedded within the headlights along the bottom and up the outer edge. Some people however seem to prefer to go all the way round the edges when inserting Devil Eyes into their LED motorcycle headlights, creating an even more unique look.

Another alternative, and one that definitively will make your LED motorcycle headlights stand out from the crowd, is to combine both the Angel Eye and the Devil Eye into your headlights. This creates, at least in some sport bikes that I have seen, a very interesting and unique look, especially in the dark.