LED Motorcycle Driving Lights – Choose Your Lights With Care

For journeys in the dark stretching through rural regions, an extra pair of LED motorcycle driving lights could make all the difference that you need for full visibility on the road.

Define Your Purpose

First of all you will have to determine the reason why you are considering adding auxiliary LED motorcycle driving lights to your vehicle. Is the reason more of a safety or aesthetic nature? Are you looking to supplement your existing low-beam lights or extend the range of your high-beam lights?

When you have the answer to the questions above you have come a long way to find the lights you are looking for.

LED vs Halogen

There are two main reasons to choose LED over Halogen here.

The LED technology is superior when it comes to energy efficiency. LED motorcycle driving lights will only use around a fourth of the energy to produce the same amount of lighting. Not only will this result in less energy consumed, but your motorcycle will be able to support 4 times more lights before reaching the power limit.

The durability of LED motorcycle driving lights are superior as well. With lifespans of up to 10 times and longer, your lights will practically be maintenance free. It doesn’t stop there though. When a LED has reached its stated lifetime it’s expected to still glow with a 70% intensity. Gone are all those annoying abrupt light failures. A LED on the contrary slowly dim away until it goes complete dark.

Short-Wide or Long-Narrow

Auxiliary motorcycle LED driving lights typically come in two forms. You have those emitting short but wide light patterns (30-35 degrees), and those emitting longer and narrower light patterns (15-20 degrees).

The short-wide lighting pattern enhances the illumination provided by your existing low-beam headlights, while the long-narrow pattern boosts your long-range high beam illumination. Which one to choose depends on your purpose with the lights.

Mounting Locations

You will find there are a few different locations where motorcycle LED driving lights can be mounted. They can be mounted on either side of your headlight, creating a straight line of lights. Other possibilities are mounting on the front fork tubes, the fender fasteners or on frame in front of the radiator.

In the end it mostly boils down to personal taste and practicality. Your options will also vary slightly depending on your make and model. Style being subjective and all, your information gathering should primary focus on the practicality of various designs.

The Famous Triangle Setup

Consider getting motorcycle LED driving lights fit for mounting on the fender fasteners. Mounting lights at this location requires no alteration to your motorcycle and will create a very visible triangle of light, ensuring your bike will get noticed and stand out from other vehicles.

Switched Lighting Or Always On

The last decision you will have to make regarding the installation of your new LED motorcycle driving lights is whether you want the lights to turn on/off along with your ignition, switch together with your high-beams, or manually via an added switch to your handlebar. Choose an option that fits well with the chosen light type and its purpose.