LED Motorcycle Brake Lights – A Natural Safety Booster

Having good brake lights on your motorcycle plays a crucial role for your overall safety on the roads. With the benefits of modern LED motorcycle brake lights in mind, you really have an excellent opportunity to further increase your driving safety.

Where LED Really Shines

The number one reason for installing LED motorcycle brake lights on your bike is their superior response rate. While other light sources show a significant delay between you squeezing the brakes and the actual lights being lit, LED lights are known to be lit almost instantaneously. These extra milliseconds can prove to be quite useful in stressful traffic situations.

Relying on lights for safety also means that you are relying on them to function. With LEDs lasting up to 8-10 times longer than regular halogen lights the chances of you suddenly standing there with broken tail lights decreases with the same amount. Not only that, but these lights are also more resistant to vibrations, further increasing their service time.

More Diversity Equals Better Safety

Given the rich assortment of motorcycle LED brake lights available on the market today, it will be relatively easy to find safety-boosting lights for your particular make and model. Not only will you find simple replacement LED lights to be fitted within your preexisting fixtures, but you will also find full-blown replacement kits along with special lights designed for installation in various places on your motorcycle. What they all have in common though is the safety-boosting characteristics that the LED technology brings.

The More Lights The Better?

The beauty of LED lights is that the LED technology makes it possible to create very slim products that can be installed on many locations on your motorcycle. The effect of this is that you will be able to find LED motorcycle brake lights in the form of very slim lights, LED strips, and so on. These lights can in turn be installed on various places like your license plate, fender, or why not on your tour-paks or saddle-bags.

As a general rule of thumb one can say that adding more lights to your motorcycle will indeed increase your visibility and thus your safety, but do not overdo it. You have to keep in mind that you don’t want to blind your fellow drivers plus that you will still have to comply with local regulations regarding vehicle lights.

Flashing Brake Lights

Personally I can’t think of a more effective way of getting the attention of fellow drivers than exposing them to super bright and flashing LED motorcycle brake lights. These lights practically screams ‘look at me’ so guess if they will draw some attention to them. People are like programmed to look at unusual and moving elements in their surroundings, and a motorcycle brake light flasher do indeed meet these criteria.