There has been many advancements in the LED technology since the start in 1927. LED lights for motorcycles has since grown to become a viable replacement for other types of lights, and can now be found for sale in many different styles and shapes.

LED Benefits

There are several technological benefits of investing in LED lights for motorcycles. The first one is the supreme energy efficiency that comes with the technology. Motorcycle LED lights consume far less energy to produce the same amount of light as incandescent lights. As a result you can produce brighter lights that consume less energy. This will also put less stress on the battery, increasing its lifespan.

Another distinct benefit of LED lights for motorcycles is their great durability. They will basically last up to 8-10 times longer than standard halogen lamps. This is something worth to keep in mind if you happen to find the initial cost of investment discouraging.

With no filament being incandesced you will in addition never encounter those abrupt failures commonly associated with incandescent light sources. Instead motorcycle LED lights will slowly dim away until failure. In fact, when having reached their anticipated lifespan, LED lights are still expected to shine with 70% intensity.

Safety Matters

The unprotected nature of driving a motorcycle makes safety a crucial part of planning. While a high level of alertness and proper protection gear will play the biggest part in keeping you safe, there are still some improvements that the LED technology can offer in this particular field.

It’s scientifically proven that the relatively narrow body of a motorcycle makes it considerably harder for other drivers to detect a motorcycle and judge its speed and distance, which also explains the large number of collisions with cars driving out in front of motorcyclists. To counter this phenomenon you can invest in LED lights for motorcycles that have been specifically engineered to increase the perceived width of a motorcycle.

Flashing Break Lights

For added protection from behind there is flashing break lights for sale with the purpose of alerting drivers approaching from behind of your breaking maneuvers. Flashing or not, motorcycle LED lights will either way illuminate 20% faster than regular lights resulting in additional security.

Head Lights

By having motorcycle LED lights replacing your old incandescent bulbs you can get improved visibility coupled with reduced energy consumption. The increase in reliability alone is incredible, considering that LED lights can last up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Turn Signals

These types of LED lights for motorcycles can be found in two different styles. They can function as regular turn signals or as a combination of both turning lights and running lights. The latter version will provide extra visibility out on the roads. These lights are available as replacement lights or as LED strips designed to fit in certain locations.

Accent Lights

Popular for adding stunning illumination to motorcycles, accent LED kits take motorcycle styling to the next level. These motorcycle LED lights do a good job at illuminating your motorcycle from within and are available for pretty much all makes and models.

More advanced kits come with dazzling possibilities. Not only can you choose from up to 20 different solid colors to be shown, you can as well set these kits up to perform a smooth transition through a whole spectrum of amazingly one million colors. To further enrich you with options these kits usually features 10 or so different displaying modes adding special effects such as strobe and wave ripples to the mix. Altogether the number of combinations are great and these kits usually come with a lifetime warranty against LED failure.

Angel Eyes / Devil Eyes

Popular style modifications include installing Angel Eyes and/or Devil Eyes in the headlights. The visual effect of having either or both of them surrounding your motorcycle LED lights can be extraordinary if done correctly.